~Woodpeckers in Roseville~

May, 2021 > by John Michaels

The Woodpecker Population is Thriving in Roseville!

Do we have bird lovers out there in our Stoneridge Community? I hope I'm not alone, but I enjoy seeing a family of woodpeckers visit my backyard trees daily.

I see them flying in and out, gathering, and pecking. It's fun to watch!

At first I thought I would spook them away in fear they might hurt my trees, but then I quickly decided I wanted to be their friends. So I added some treehouses and patched up all the holes in my palm trees.

My hope is they will move into my treehouses instead of feeling the need to poke holes in my palm trees. I'm thinking the tree houses will give them what they want... a place to call home.

The one thing that was concerning is they built a nest in one of my palm trees. I climbed up to take a peek and was surprised how big the hole was in the tree. It was like a cathedral! I filled the hole/nest with pebbles. It took three buckets of pebbles to fill the hole. Then I got some wood putty and patched up all the holes in the tree.

I won't let them peck deep holes in my trees now. Instead I've given them homes.

If you are a bird lover... please share pictures and stories of your favorite birds that live in Roseville and we will share with the rest of our neighbors.

I know there are many varieties of woodpeckers, so if anyone knows the name of this specie here in Roseville please let me know at SNA@rcona.org.

Here is a picture of a hole that my woodpecker friends chipped out of a branch in my palm tree.

If this has inspired you to create some bird nests for our feathered friends...

Here is an article that might help you get started: How to Attract Woodpeckers article