~Harry Crabb Park update~

May 27, 2020

June 2020 Update at bottom

Question June 2020: "I was looking at the drawing and thinking wait. That basketball court is not in the same place and it’s not 1.5 courts. Hmmm. Have they deviated from the original design?"

Answer from City: "Yes, the basketball court location did change. We felt that the corner at Scarborough and Secret Ravine was too exposed. As for one court versus one and a half, we still have space for that as a later phase, should funding become available. The cost of construction literally tripled from the bid from four years ago and we had to make some choices regarding the best and greatest use of the planned amenities.

As a matter of process, a master plan is high level conceptual plan and more refinement occurs when we get into the details. Costs, grades and site conditions often force some evolution of the master plan. "

Additional question: "Can you summarize all the changes so we can notify our community of what is different comparing to the original plan."

Additional answer from City: All elements except for the half court for basketball are included. As you noted, some of the locations have moved around to either meet budget or site constraints. The two bocce ball courts will be located outside of the current construction fence area and near the horseshoe courts. Aside from the half court for basketball, we were able to add two pickleball courts next to the two tennis courts.

The one remaining improvement is a second smaller parking area that could accommodate about 25 spaces. Once the park is fully open and in use, we will be monitoring parking to see if this additional area is needed."

If you have additional questions about the park, contact the city of Roseville directly.