~Mourning Doves~ 

This is the second posting related to the birds that call Roseville their home!

Last month we published news about the Woodpeckers and this month we are sharing a story about the "Mourning Doves"

Learn about our thriving woodpeckers in Roseville here: https://sna.rcona.org/news/woodpeckers-in-roseville

This story starts as a love story.  These two mourning doves met somewhere in Roseville… Perhaps among the oaks in our beloved "False Ravine" right here in our Stoneridge Neighborhood!

Want to go for a family hike right here in Roseville, go here and check out the False Ravine Trail: All Trails False Ravine Trail Directions 

I imagine after a few dates around town these two love doves decided to pair-up.  In search for a place to roost, they ended up in my backyard in a pot on my deck.  AND THEN there were eggs!

I built a temporary barrier on my deck so the nest would not be disturbed. 

Over the course of a few weeks the babies grew up!

Here is the transformation

Watching these birds nest on my deck made me appreciate all that nature has to offer here in Stoneridge.  I searched and found some really interesting facts about the "Mourning Doves"


Here are some highlights, but read more about these beautiful birds on this web page here: https://www.wild-bird-watching.com/Doves.html



Do you have any birds nesting in your yard?  Are you a bird lover?  Please send us pictures or stories of birds in or around your yard and we will share them in our next post about the wild bird life in or around Roseville.