~Harry Crabb Park November Update~

It is certainly exciting to see the new Community Park being built. This is a centerpiece for Stoneridge and even in the midst of a great deal of construction happening on our new park, we see many of our local community members enjoying the parts of the park that are open.

It's been a long time of planning, preparing and re-planning, but we are now in the final stages before the park is fully open for all of us to enjoy. Here is the latest update from the Park Planning and Development Superintendent -

We are in the home stretch in completing the park. Testing, safety inspections and permit reviews are currently taking place. One of the more challenging items is allowing the grass to grow. With the sudden fall in temperatures of about 20 degrees almost overnight, we will see the grass begin a dormant period. While we were hoping for a more gradual change in weather, this will impact the establishment of the grass. Since it will go dormant, this also means that the grass will turn brown. This does not mean the grass has died. The type of grass mix is a hybrid Bermuda and was chosen for its toughness to foot traffic, drought tolerance and playability. When the weather warms up again, it will turn green again. Rest assured this is not the weed Bermuda that most of us are more familiar with.

The roads are getting re-striped which will accommodate permanent on-street parking on Scarborough

Our anticipated opening is in January. Estimating an exact date is always a challenge because much of the schedule is based on weather. Our goal is to open the park as soon as possible. If we open too early, it could cause damage. We appreciate all of the interest and look forward to the opening of the park."

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Tara L. Gee

Park Planning & Development Superintendent

City of Roseville

316 Vernon Street, Suite 400

Roseville, CA 95678

(916) 774-5253

California Park & Recreation Society (CPRS) President