Joining together as a community to promote and enhance the quality of life within our neighborhood.


“A member of the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations”

We have a lot in common living in Roseville. Together, we enjoy and care for our homes, families and neighbors, share the treasure of our trails and open spaces, and take advantage of our proximity to schools, churches, and an array of shopping and entertainment opportunities. And, we value our public safety and reliable utilities and other city services. So, the Stoneridge Neighborhood Association, and our new website are about YOU and the people, places, and things that are important to you.

Here are our two goals!

First, we want this website to bring you news on events and activities that help enrich your lifestyle here in Stoneridge, Roseville, and South Placer.

Second, we want to invite you to join us in getting involved in the Stoneridge Neighborhood Association to help enhance our great Stoneridge lifestyle. Your volunteer Board enjoys serving you, and we encourage you to get engaged!

This website will also keep you up to date on our Board meetings and our General Membership meetings, where everyone is welcome!

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General Membership Meeting

1st Quarter of 2023 - Date - TBD. - STONERIDGE ELEMENTARY -


Board Meeting

We meet monthly!

Next Meeting is: January 30th @ 208 Royal Oak Court, Roseville. Please call or text Susan @ 916-412-4796 for the gate code.

Email SNA@RCONA.ORG for meeting information and if you'd like to join us! We love guests!

Please see AGENDA for Jan 30th Meeting:

Stoneridge Neighborhood Association

“A member of the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations”

Stoneridge Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

January 30, 2023 6:30 PM

Rohan Home 208 Royal Oak Court Gate Code – Call Cell

Cell 916-412-4796

1. Call to Order

2. Public Comment on Items Not on the Agenda (Per Bylaws, no action can be taken on these items due to posting requirements on a future agenda.)

3. Review and Approve the Minutes of the November 28th SNA Meeting.

4. Receive and file the Treasure’s Report and Status of Signature approval for checks

5. Special Guest Introductions and Board Appointment(s)

a. Introduce RCONA representatives in attendance to handle IT needs for the Board

b. Introduce applicants for the open Board seat on the SNA Board following the 12/20/22 resignation of Pam Maeda, & invite them or their representatives to address the Board

c. Consider applicants to fill one open Board seat, or consider expanding the Board from 6 seats to 7 or 8 seats and select the appropriate number of applicants,

i. Determination of VP and potentially one or two as at-Large Board members

d. With constitution of new Board, facilitate RCONA IT work, including training for Secretary on website access. (To be done during our meeting)

6. New Business

a. Update on Randy’s 12/20 Meeting with City Parks, Recreation and Libraries

b. Planning/goals for 2023

7. RCONA Update by Randy Schwartz

8. Old Business

a. New Code of Ethics Signatures (Betsy)

9. Ad Hoc Committee Business

a. Newsletter

b. Decorating contests

10. Adjourn the meeting to February 27th (VP will need to run meeting that night.)

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2- Consider becoming a patron to help us raise funds. The donations will be used for community outreach activities including fun events for our residents to join together.
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