~Emergency Preparedness Tips~

You never know when an emergency hits your family or your community. It's always good for all of us to be prepared! Hopefully it will never be needed, but better safe than sorry!

  • Refresh or Develop a plan for you family regarding emergency preparedness

Roseville has resources for you to help you prepare. Go here: https://www.roseville.ca.us/residents/emergency_preparedness

Some key items to think about are as follows:

1- Develop a call tree with family, friends and neighbors

2- There are creeks and streams that are subject to flooding in our neighborhoods and it is wise to learn and prepare depending on the location of your home. Each Winter, the city of Roseville puts out sandbag locations as a precaution - the link above will give you information about flooding preparedness in our city

3- Sign-up for emergency alerts at the Roseville site above

4- Who remembers phone numbers now with our smartphones, but wait! What if your smartphone gets lost or destroyed. Have a print-out of all your important phone numbers and information as a backup

5- Computer backup --- Have you thought about your computer and all the information that is stored on it? Have a backup plan in place in case you must evacuate

6- Take inventory of all your important documentation (e.g., insurance, will, trust, certificates, medical records, titles/ownership, cards, birth certificate, passports, etc.) - Have it all safely stored and easily accessible in case of an emergency evacuation

Do you have ideas of other items to remember or suggest for emergency preparedness? Please Share them! Send us an email with your suggestions and we will update it. email your suggestions to SNA@rcona.org