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Hello Neighbors! Just a quick note to remind you all to park either in the parking lot or on Scarborough. The neighbors love the park, but not the "car view" that they can have on busy days.

Update June 8, 2021 from the Park Superintendent

We have been thrilled to see how popular the crab water feature is. It’s such a joy to see children and families enjoy some cool relief from the hot days. We wanted share a few of items related to the water feature:

  1. Thank you for using the parking lot and street parking on Scarborough.

  2. The water feature is a recirculating system and while it is recirculating, if drought restrictions become more stringent, we may have to turn it off.

  3. Please be sure to use the shower that is on the side of the restroom to rinse off before using the water feature if you or your children are playing in the sand. The excess sand and wood bark from the play area are clogging the filters. This could trigger a failure in the mechanical system thus shutting down the entire water feature. With your help, we can keep the filters clean and avoid any unnecessary shut downs. Thank you in advance.

Thank you for your consideration!

Tara L. Gee

Park Planning & Development Superintendent

Parks, Recreation & Libraries

(916) 774-5253

316 Vernon Street, Suite 400 | Roseville, CA | 95678

Amenity listing and details about this Park Go Here: Harry Crabb Park City of Roseville

Reference on Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/harry-crabb-park-roseville

Address Location of Harry Crabb Park:

1000 Scarborough Drive

Roseville, CA 95661

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Harry Crabb Park Amenities
1- Sand Volleyball

2- Basketball Court

3- Tennis Courts Pickle Ball Instructions

4- Softball/Baseball fields

5- Soccer fields

6- Playground area with snack bar, bathrooms, and covered picnic areas

7- Horseshoe pits Horseshoe Instructions

8- Bocce Ball Courts Bocce Ball Instructions

9- Water Play area

Some additional notes from Tara Gee the Park Superintendent as follows:

While we recognize that playing in the sand is a great play component, we ask that parents or grandparents help check the area where their children are playing to remove buried rocks or other debris when they leave. Sand volleyball involves bare feet and diving. Players are experiencing cuts and scrapes due to the buried rocks and debris. Thank you for your help in keeping all park users safe.

Spring 2021 Note About the Grass:

You will notice that there are two different types of turf grass at the park.

The first type is a tall fescue blend which is located in the original phase of the park as well as other non-play field areas. This grass will stay green year-round and is good for casual play and use.

The second type is a hybrid Bermuda blend that is used in the baseball and soccer field areas. This type of grass turns brown or goes dormant in the Fall/Winter. Rest assured, this is not the weed-type of Bermuda we see in our planter beds. The hybrid Bermuda is a preferred playing surface for sports, can withstand heavy use and is more drought tolerant. We are working hard to making this a premier surface. We acknowledge that there are weeds throughout the fields and are actively addressing these. Since the weather hasn’t consistently been warm, the hybrid bermuda is only starting to come out of dormancy. With warmer weather and weed control applications, we will see a much different and better playing surface than we see now. If at all possible, please minimize use of these fields so we can ensure the best opportunity for success. Thank you for your patience.

I know I sent a similar blurb for your newsletter, but thought that for those looking for something specific to the grass might not think to look at the newsletter.

As for birthday parties, bringing in a bounce house would require a permit. For inquiring about a permit, people can call 915-772-PLAY. We also have information on our web page regarding permits and sports field use. Here it is Parks and Recreation Page Roseville

In May 2021 we received the following Flagpole proposal: Flagpole proposal

Previous News about the park for historical significance




In our March Newsletter we shared a bit about the man of which the park was named after, Harry Crabb, here: https://sna.rcona.org/news/march-2021-newsletter