~Board Nominations and soliciting volunteers~

posted: 10/10/20

Hi Stoneridge Neighbors

We are preparing to conduct SNA Board elections --- The target for election is early December. General Board meeting is planned for December 2nd at 7pm.

We are looking for "Members at Large" to participate and general volunteers to help us create some fun and exciting events.

We will soon have our new Harry Crabb Park and we want to explore ways to use the new park to bring our community together.

If you are interested in being a member of the board or simply volunteering to help us bring our neighbors together for fun events to connect, then please email the board at sna@rcona.org and let us know you are interested.

Another Option! Do you have something you want to post on our news site on topics of interest to our local neighbors in Stoneridge? Please submit a proposed topic to the board for review for consideration.

Bylaws for election are here: election bylaws

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