~Newsletter May 17, 2021~

Volume 7-May2021

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We are having our 1st in person Neighborhood meeting on Monday, May 17, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at Cambria Park. Come and hear about what our Stoneridge Neighborhood Association does and hear about future activities. Bring a lawn chair and blanket for this one hour get together. We have guest speakers from Parks and Rec, Roseville PD, if available, and our own Vice Mayor, Bruce Houdesheldt.


Don’t you love the first bloom in spring? There is nothing better than walking the beautiful sidewalks and around our parks to see blooming flowers everywhere. It definitely can put a “spring in your step”

as you view some of your neighbors’ yards and well as your own. When you have a moment, take a minute to enjoy our gorgeous neighborhood, get some exercise and stop and smell the roses.

Be sure and send any pictures to: SNA@rcona.org. We would love to publish them!


As you may have seen, the volleyball courts are a highly desirable feature of this park. While they are not in use, families use them with their kids, which is great! One item though, please ensure that your littles don’t leave any toys or rocks/debris they have been playing with on the courts. Sand volleyball involves bare feet and diving.

Also, as of this publication, we are unsure how the 10% reduction in water usage will affect the newly opened water feature. In May, the splash pad is open: Weekends only, 10- 8:00 p.m.

For all other news, please check Harry Crabb Park Central


Courtesy of the City of Roseville – May 14th 2021

Given the Governor’s Executive Order declaring a statewide drought this week, Roseville encourages customers to reduce their water use voluntarily by 10 percent. This action will allow us to preserve storage in Folsom Lake, minimize water supply impacts as we approach the fall and winter months, and safeguard obligations Roseville and other water providers have made to protect the environment and the Lower American River.

“Our water supplies are reliable and diverse given our long-term investments and partnerships and can meet the needs of our customer base today,” said Sean Bigley, assistant director of water. “The persistent dry conditions have the potential to impact storage over time in Folsom Lake that could affect regional water supplies and water needed for the environment. Because of this, we are encouraging customers to take action now.”

Customers can make small changes in their household water use to achieve this suggested reduction. Much of this can be accomplished in customers’ yards, where most household water use occurs in the Sacramento region—and especially during the summer months. Additionally, customers can reduce irrigation runoff and fix leaks inside and out to achieve significant water savings. Specific tips can be found here.

“In addition to our call for water conservation, we will increase our groundwater use to offset surface water this summer,” Bigley added. “We prepare for times like these and will leverage our more than 15-year investment in groundwater this year by turning our groundwater wells on as a prudent measure to preserve water levels at Folsom Lake.”

Roseville will use its six groundwater wells to meet customer demands partially. Groundwater usage will allow us to offset between 8 and 20 percent of surface water from Folsom Lake, which can keep lake levels high, be used elsewhere in the region, and is an approach to meet our commitment to the environment.

Roseville is committed to ensuring reliability now and into the future by expediting key projects that will increase access to surface and groundwater supplies. Through our partnership with Placer County Water Agency, we are working actively to develop new pipelines and expanded interties that will allow us to convey water from the upper American River to reduce reliance on Folsom Lake infrastructure.

We have planned additional groundwater wells over the next five years to double the number of wells we currently have online. Given drought conditions, we plan to expedite two groundwater well projects within the next 18 to 24 months to bolster groundwater capacity. This will increase our ability to access more groundwater in dry conditions or bank water in times of plentiful surface water supplies.

Customers interested in finding ways to reduce their use, schedule a Water Wise House Call, or learn more about rebates can visit www.roseville.ca.us/savewater


APRIL 2021 - Source: MLS

It continues to be a sellers market. The stats changed slightly where 42 homes were sold in April as compared to 34 in March. Days on market continue to be only 5 days. Check out the "median" statistics for our zip code -

Median Buying Price: $645,000

Median Square Footage: 1,920

Median Bed/Bath: 3/2

Median Days on Market: 5 days

Ready to sell your home? I can help!

Stoneridge resident -

Christie Borchin, DRE #02082018

(916) 899-4555




By: Rob Baquera, Public Information Officer, Roseville Police Department

It can happen to anyone. Dozens of children die in hot cars every year.

According to National Safety Council (NSC), on average, 37 kids die in hot cars every year in the United States. Incidents peak between Memorial Day and Labor Day, when between two and three kids die each week.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, parents often are stressed. Often, tragedies occur when schedules and routines are broken.

In April 2017, a 1-year-old boy died after being left in a pickup truck. At that time, the temperature in Vestavia, AL, was just 68 degrees. What many don't know is cars and trucks heat up rapidly even on milder days and no matter the time of year.

The temperature inside a vehicle can rise by nearly 20 degrees in 10 minutes. Heatstroke occurs when a person's core body temperature rises to 104 degrees, according to research from Mayo Clinic. A temperature of 107 degrees could result in irreversible organ damage or even death.

Young children are at risk because their bodies heat up three to five times faster than an adult's, according to a journal report from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

What you can do.

To prevent tragedies, Safe Kids Worldwide offers the following recommendations:

  • Never leave your child alone in a car, not even for a minute

  • Keep your car locked when you are not in it so kids don't gain access

  • Create reminders by putting something in the back seat next to your child, such as a briefcase, purse, cell phone or your left shoe

  • If you see a child alone in a car, call 911

  • Set a calendar reminder on your electronic device to make sure you dropped your child off at daycare; develop a plan so you will be alerted if your child is late or a no-show

Technology can be part of the solution.

The National Safety Council (NSC) backs efforts to use technology to prevent children from being forgotten in vehicles. Without offering an endorsement of any vehicle or product, NSC provides the following information to help parents and guardians protect their most precious cargo:

Rear Seat Reminder: If a rear door is opened and closed within 10 minutes before the vehicle is started, or is opened and closed while the vehicle is running, five chimes will sound and a message will display on the instrument panel when the vehicle shuts off to remind the driver to check the rear seat. This technology is available on several GM vehicles.

Car Seat Technology: This technology generates a series of tones activated through a "smart" chest clip and wireless receiver to remind the driver that a child is in the rear seat within two seconds of turning off the vehicle.



This wonderful recipe was submitted by our Stoneridge Neighbor, Tiffany!


1 small onion

1 Jalapeno pepper, stemmed

½ cup loosely packed fresh cilantro

2 TBL fresh lemon juice

2 garlic cloves

½ tsp salt

2 cups grape tomatoes, divided

Cut the onion in quarters. Cut the jalapeno crosswise into thirds. Combine the onion, jalapeno, cilantro, lemon juice, garlic and salt in a food processor until coarsely chopped.

Add half of the tomatoes and chop again. Add the remaining tomatoes to the food processor and pulse to desired consistency. Serve with desired tortilla chips and enjoy.

P.S. She used the Pampered Chef Manual Food Processor.

Contact her at: Drtsmithcooks@gmail.com for more info!


Vice Mayor, Bruce Houdesheldt

Have a question for our Stoneridge District 3 representative and Vice Mayor? If so, residents and businesses can contact him at bhoudesheldt@roseville.ca.us

(916) 365-5863


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By John Michaels

Do we have bird lovers out there in our Stoneridge Community? If so, then this article is for you!

Please check it out at: https://sna.rcona.org/news/woodpeckers-in-roseville